“About a quarter of employees across the country are going into offices these days, according to Kastle Systems, an office security firm that gets data from 3,600 buildings in the United States…

Then there is a larger question: Does it make sense to go back to the way things were before the pandemic given that people have become accustomed to the rhythms of remote work?”

(NY Times March 3, 2021)

Right sizing your network and technology in 2021 would re-evaluate an infrastructure that wasn’t set up for a disperse workforce.

The same NY Times article goes on to state “68 percent of employers said they believed employees needed to be in the office at least three days a week to maintain corporate culture.

3 days a week? That’s not how your network was designed and budgeted!

Synergy Technology Group provides a network and tech costing consultation that will

  • Identify current, short term and long term tech needs
  • Quote downgrades/upgrades and new solutions based on 2021 technology and pricing

Tech Guru Gartner observes that leaders who only entertain contract bids from incumbent providers and their direct competitors are missing out on an additional 30%-60% on savings.

We are a vendor agnostic tech sales group with 200+ providers that include Carriers, MSPs and Aggregators. We help you identify the best performers and most aggressive pricing to address your technology needs.

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